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Restriction on entry to campus


About entering campus Updated on 6 Oct

External users/visitors

Enter to campus in a big group may be restricted.
Also, on-campus facility use may be partially limited for external users.


It is allowed to enter the campus with the maximum precautionary measures. When you enter, please follow the rules of each campus.

Students are also required to observe the following.

●Students belonging to a lab shall record their action history precisely under instructions from supervisors.
●Avoid 3Cs (crowded places, confined spaces and close contact settings) and make sure to practice physical distancing (2m if possible, more than 1m at the least).
●Even if you don’t have any symptoms, wear a face mask all the time except when dining. While dining, please eat in silence.
●Use non-woven face masks, not reusable woven masks such as cotton masks and polyurethane masks.
●Sanitize your hands and fingers when you enter and leave lecture rooms, experimental rooms, and laboratories.
●Wear a face mask when coming to campus/going home, being indoors, and having conversations even if you don’t have any symptoms.
●Monitor your health condition with Self-Monitoring Sheet. If you have any flu-like symptoms or smell and taste disorders, you are not allowed to enter the campus.
●Measure your body temperature before coming to campus. When you didn’t, be sure to check your body temperature with the thermography cameras* on each campus.
 *Where you can find the cameras: Tobata / Iizuka / Wakamatsu
●If any flu-like symptoms appeared (on any of the days before coming to campus), follow the flow chart for COVID-19 control to report and consult as required, and recuperate at home.


Use of Kyutech facilities

Lecture rooms and laboratories

Students are allowed to use, but follow the rules of each campus and the instructions of your supervisor.

University library

Open with limited services and precautionary measures.
The opening hours may be reduced and some services may be suspended depending on the situation.
For more information, please see the Library website and the annual schedule.

Cafeteria (University co-op)

Please eat in silence, wear a face mask after eating, and do not stay long. It is not allowed to have conversations without a face mask.
With taking precautionary measures, you can use a lecture room for your lunch when the room is not used.
When you don’t have classes and you can have staggered lunch break, your cooperation is highly appreciated in avoiding peak hours.

Training room

Check the current open/close status and the rules of each campus.

Choyo Sanso Updated on 6 Oct

Reopened, but drinking is not allowed in the facility.

Other university facilities

Check the website of each facility.

It is recommended to install “COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA)” released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW).

How to install the app, see the website of MHLW.

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