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How to deliver classes

For the 4th quarter, classes will be delivered in the mixture of remote and face-to face lecture.

●Kyutech will continue watching the situation of the COVID-19 expansion, and increase face-to-face lectures with thorough precautionary measures.

●Classes will be delivered remotely when high educational effects are expected or it is difficult to take precautionary measures due to facilities and contents of lectures. Remote classes will be implemented in various forms such as; synchronous type (interactive learning); and asynchronous type (on-demand video streaming, digital course materials). Also, some courses can be delivered in the mixture of remote and face-to-face lecture.

●If it is difficult for you to attend classes on campus because of the higher risk of infection due to underlying disease and so on, you can apply for remote classes to the Dean of your school/graduate school.

See the webpages below for the academic calendar and the notice on the restriction of entry to campus.

In order to raise awareness for each of you about preventing infection, the University requests students to take an e-learning course to learn how to prevent COVID-19 infection. If you have not taken it yet, log in the Moodle, register the course, access “E-learning course on COVID-19 preventive measures”, and view the learning materials. Please always be cautious to prevent infection.


Courses provided in remote class

See the website of each campus.

When you take remote classes

Preparation for remote class
To take remote classes, you need to set up your PC and secure your internet connection. For the students who are not able to prepare appropriate environment to take remote classes at home, the lecture rooms with a good network communication environment are available on campus.

Please note: When connecting to on-campus network
When taking remote classes, do not connect to VPN to prevent overload on on-campus network. However, if it is instructed to connect to VPN by lecturer, follow it accordingly.
*To register for courses or see your acquired credits and grade points on Live Campus, you need to connect to VPN.

Notices and instructions posted on Live Campus
Make sure to check and see Live Campus every day for the notices and instructions from lecturers on class materials, how classes are delivered, assignments, and so on. You can see these notices and instructions from the day you registered for courses.

Course registration

Register for courses on Live Campus during the registration period. When you sign in Live Campus from outside the campus, connect to VPN.

About the registration period, see the website of each campus.

Absence from classes and exams due to COVID-19

If you are infected with or suspected of COVID-19 infection, or identified as a close contact with patients, your attendance will be suspended or you can submit a notification on authorized absence in accordance with the University rules.

If you need to be absent from classes and exams for taking vaccination or due to the side effects of vaccination, the absence will be recorded as authorized absence. For more details, refer to the following notice.

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