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Student exchange (in-bound program to Kyutech)

Kyutech has made mutual student exchange agreements with partner universities world-wide.

If you are a student of our partner university, you can take full advantage of our mutual agreement to study abroad at Kyutech, without paying any extra tuition in Japan as long as your tuitions are paid to your home university.

You will study abroad at Kyutech for one semester or two to earn credits from course-work, practical research activities, and so on.

You will be treated as an incoming exchange student from our important partner university and have the rights to use our university facilities and services exactly the same as our Japanese students.

Kyutech is one of the Engineering National Universities which has been producing “Global Engineers” since its establishment to contribute modernization and industrialization of Japan and partner counties for more than 100 years, and we hope to be the right place for you to study abroad.

It will be a great opportunity for you to have academic and research experience abroad at Kyutech in Japan.

If you are a student from our partner universities listed as, go visit the international office of your university and apply to be an exchange student at Kyutech !

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