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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Department Features
The Department of Materials Science and Engineering plays an important role in research and teaching in materials such as steels, alloys, semiconductors,ceramics and composite materials. The department has three main purposes: (1) to nanoscopically investigate characteristics of the structures and properties defining the functions of a "material"; (2) to design functions that new materials should possess; (3) to develop efficient production methods for safe products. This department strives to produce engineers who can successfully deal with resources, recycling and energy issues from the viewpoint of materials science, as well as with the development of advanced materials.

Career Path after Graduation
Material engineering is a research field in great demand from industries such as machinery, electronics, civil engineering and construction. Graduates play active roles not only in materials manufacturers but also in companies from a wide range of industrial fields. Graduates, including those from the Graduate School, actively work in companies ranging from small to mid-sized local companies based in northern Kyushu and Yamaguchi Prefecture to large domestic companies. More than half of the graduates continue on to graduate school, most of them at Kyutech’s graduate program.

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